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Introducing the Performance bi-folding door from RGWS

There are so many ways in which a Bi-folding door can improve your living space. Allowing natural light to cascade through your home will make it feel light and airy. Bring the outside inside with a set of Bi-folding doors that won’t compromise on security, weather resistance or performance.

All our doors have a dual running, fully encapsulated track system so they cannot be lifted from their track. The track system has unobstructed level access, uncompromised weather protection and security as standard.

Our uniquely designed steel rollers are engineered for ease of operation, strength and durability. They are aesthetically pleasing with contemporary flat handles which ensure flat folding and easy operation.

Choose from our carefully selected range of Bi-folding doors, each combining innovative design with state of the art folding sliding door technology.

With a vast range of door configurations and sash widths (up to 1.1m), your choices are endless.

  • Choice: Custom made to suit your design and all available in aluminium
  • Function: Inward, outward, right and left, openings to suit you
  • Security: 5 point locking system and other carefully designed features ensure the track is fully resistant
  • Durable: Using high quality hardware ensures the doors run smoothly
  • Weatherproof: CE Compliant BS EN 14351-1: 2006
  • Efficient: One of the most thermally efficient Bi-folding doors available when used with our Celsius Performance Glass
  • Aesthetics: Our Bi-folding doors combine a modern look with strength and durability
  • Quality: All our Bi-folding doors are manufactured by RGWS here in the UK
Roof Lanterns Tamworth

Enhanced Features

Built into the design are key features which make Performance bi-folding doors from RGWS the obvious choice.


Tongue and groove (interlocking) door
panels prevent lever opening

Safe Track

All our rollers are fully encapsulated
within the track

Soft Seal

Child friendly, and fitted with finger
safe gaskets

Anti Rack

Slim design for reduced stacking when
the doors are in use


The Performance bi-fold door delivers the same outstanding quality at an amazing price

Roof Lanterns Tamworth

Without compromising on quality or security our Performance door delivers excellent value for money when compared to similar products on the market.

Prices below include standard glass and VAT. Prices quoted are supply only, fitting charges apply.

Please note: Standard glass – 28mm Argon filled Low E toughened double glazing. Performance Bi-Folding doors are available in heights up to 4m.


2 PaneUp to 2200mm wide, 2400mm high£1694.00
3 PaneUp to 3300mm wide, 2400mm high£2627.00
4 PaneUp to 4300mm wide, 2400mm high£3214.00
5 PaneUp to 5300mm wide, 2400mm high£4039.00


2 PaneUp to 2000mm wide, 2400mm high£1848.00
3 PaneUp to 3000mm wide, 2400mm high£2772.00
4 PaneUp to 4000mm wide, 2400mm high£3696.00
5 PaneUp to 5000mm wide, 2400mm high£4620.00


Security built into the design of every Performance bi-folding door

  • Encapsulated running gear within the tracks, preventing it from being attacked
  • Passed tests equivalent to a twenty stone man trying to force entry
  • 5 point multi-locking, with ‘Secure by Design’ anti-snap cylinders
  • Hardened steel hook locks & dead bolts
  • Top and bottom shoot bolts, locate directly into both the top & bottom tracks
  • Internally glazed for all systems (option to upgrade to laminated glass)
  • High security hinges to prevent the pins from being removed and the hinge being forced from the door
  • Tongue and groove (interlocking panels) designed to prevent panels from being crow barred open

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